Zoheb Dowlut is a Designer and a CG artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Trained as a 3D artist, he earned a bachelor’s degree at York University and Sheridan College’s Joint Design Program in 2017. However, his longing of being a filmmaker has shaped his knowledge of storytelling for digital production and after a few years of working in graphic design, Zoheb veered his career path towards digital art. Ever since, he devotes his time towards creative roles in the entertainment industry while placing a strong focus on motion design, animation and all aspects of CGI. He has a strong belief that all creatives of any level should be willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to learn and grow regardless of how daunting the task may seem.

Considering himself a CG generalist in his line of work, he remains versatile throughout the industry pipeline. Zoheb is always pushing himself to create dynamic characters and worlds in shaping compelling stories for films and games alike. During his past time, you can either find him learning new techniques in VFX to bring his personal projects to life or exploring game development on the side.

Zoheb is now still located in Toronto working as an independent designer/CG artist. He is currently open to take on new opportunities.

Motion Designers Community (MDC) Dark Future Contest Finalist | November 2018
Motion Designers Community (MDC) Lost Civilisation Contest Finalist | February 2019