After independently studying filmmaking, Zoheb built a foundation in motion graphics and CG at York/Sheridan's Design program where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. He worked a few years as a graphic designer prior to shifting his career to concept design/visual development in digital production. Drawing inspiration from top name creators, video games, films and graphic novels, his notion of visual storytelling is aimed at designing compelling worlds and characters as a 3D artist for the entertainment industry.

Considering himself a generalist in his line of work, he remains versatile throughout the industry pipeline while devoting much of his time to VFX and animation. During his past time you can find him directing his personal projects, bringing life to his stories or equipped with his camera photographing in the streets of Toronto. Zoheb is working independently as a Designer and a CG Artist. He is currently open to take on new opportunities in digital art.

• Motion Designers Community (MDC) Dark Future Contest Finalist | November 2018
• Motion Designers Community (MDC) Lost Civilisation Contest Finalist | February 2019
• Imaginary Forces (#KarinFonginspires) Challenge Winner | March 2019