After graduating York University and Sheridan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Zoheb weighed heavily towards building a foundation in visual effects and cinematography. Since the age of 17, Zoheb has been learning all that he could about filmmaking; exploring the works of many directors, cinematographers, artists and designers in the field. This has been his path until he found his niche as a CG artist – finding it as the right space for communicating ideas of visual storytelling in film and games.

Up to now, he pushes his boundaries by continually adapting to digital production; drawing from specific styles of visual reference. Zoheb worked a few years in motion design prior to becoming a concept designer for visual development. His aim is to design compelling worlds and characters for entertainment that serve gripping narrative stories. He is primarily a self-taught creative with an involvement that rotates from a graphic / motion designer, illustrator, animator or a 3D artist — though predominately recognized as a CG Generalist in his line of work. Apart from his personal endeavours, Zoheb’s daily tasks include writing screenplays, editing or sketching; while engaging in new challenges — of which fuels his love for the industry.

• Motion Designers Community (MDC) Dark Future Contest Finalist | Nov 2018
• Motion Designers Community (MDC) Lost Civilisation Contest Finalist | Feb 2019
• Imaginary Forces (#KarinFonginspires) Challenge Winner | Mar 2019