In collaboration with designers Andrés Francken and Takeo Hirasawa. – BRONZEVILLE is a story of two American twins who delve into a life of professional crime to support their neighborhood, family and reputation during the Prohibition Era of 1930's Chicago. – This is the finalized version re-rendered, 3D/2D composited, edited and compiled by Zoheb Dowlut.

Throughout the few months that our team worked on this project, we thoroughly researched the life of Chicagoans during the Prohibition Era. That meant we delved into topics relating to alcohol smuggling, gang life, the lives of African Americans (specifically the town named Bronzeville), and symbolism of that era. Our preliminary research focused heavily on poetry of the Great War. Christina Rossetti's 'In the Bleak Mid-Winter' and Richard Aldington's 'Images of War' and' Images of Desire' served a major purpose to our story.

The third poem we took influence from was Richard Aldington's 'Images of War' where he depicts the atrocities faced by the men at arms amongst the trenches. He portrays images of the extremities of soldiers dealing with post-traumatic stress, shellshock and the disillusions of drafting. His works also depict the impacts of alienation, isolation and sympathy with enemy soldiers among the brigades. These poems served as the basis of how and why our two protagonists turned to a life of crime from major industrialization, to the support of the war effort from banning alcohol. Which resulted in unemployment and poverty as the destitute lives reimagine a life of stability by dealing with organized crime structures to fund their neglected neighborhoods.