Crash and Flow.

'Crash & Flow' is a weekly entertainments podcast aired on Soundcloud and Youtube. I was tasked with designing a few visual elements to support the video component of the podcast. Using various styles and methods, I was given creative liberty in designing a functional animated sequence that shaped the cultural aesthetic of 'Crash & Flow.'

I gathered various images of bokeh lights and photography, similar to the approach I took when I created the podcasts intro video (below). I also built a collection of different angles around the city of Toronto. These were important in order for me to build dynamic shapes I found across the city. Lastly, Crash and Flow already had a color scheme that I aimed to use. However, the end video resulted in being monochromatic due to the aesthetic nature of the original logo design created by graphic designer Wahiba Bukhari

Using the name itself as a source of inspiration along with the theme of Toronto, Ontario as a city, I fashioned the idea of culture, city-entertainment and music into the ideation phase. Gathering various together, I began sketching out different ways I could represent these themes. A few iterations originally contained an abstract city block with large typography, similar to billboard advertisements. Changing variations and adjusting particular elements lead to the final design approach; an active city shaping the modern world through entertainment, culture and music.