The styleframes feature a woman shattering into pieces from being 'tainted.' These pieces become part of the environment around as her sins reflect upon those she loves. She faces a struggle between her religion and her burdens as she must decide how to recapture her faith. She is crystalized in her sins and finding a way out of this way of life is her only hope.

I was inspired by other title sequences like 'Sherlock Holmes' and the Icelandic mystery show 'Trapped.' I also captured various photographs from Iceland that served as a major inspiration for the mood and theme of the title sequence. I went through various concepts during the design phase that played with warmer color tones, however it failed to capture the feeling of a cold and lonely individual. Thus, I used cooler tones to mute the feeling of warmth and to expose sadness and melancholy. I used statues, architecture, icelandic waterfalls, early Leonardo Davinchi anatomy sketches, and frost as a source of inspiration for this project. These are a collection of images I used as reference when sculpting, texturing and animating the assets.

The story had changed in the end styleframes. I used a bird to represent a peaceful spirit looming among a man and a woman. The man held a weapon as the woman fell into his arms. This was meant to portray an underlying motive between the two lovers as their lives fall apart and the balance between religion and burdens become apparent.