'Type Dispersion' is a motion sequence that takes the role of typography in graphic design and partners it to our modern perception of futuristic UI elements in entertainment. I primarily focused on how to incorporate typography through the representation of data/UI visuals. I also addressed how abstract letter forms could be used to represent graphical language through minute transitions and mirroring letterforms.

The concept began with organizing visual ideas and storyboarding abstract elements. I originally intended to use 3D software as a basis throughout the project in order to achieve 3D geometry as nodes and particles. I started to sketch out unique angles to draw out forms of the object. In addition, I aimed to animate each sequence with a seperate quality that would tie into each other. This would allow for a vast amount of experimentation in achieving the right look. However, this idea was dropped in favor of a 2D approach, as I wanted to showcase a typographic video that focused on letter forms in order to shape the overall scene. I acquired a collection of Syd Mead's conceptual sketches.

After reviewing pages and pages of material, I built a visual library in my head. These ideas delved into futurism and how industrial design can shape the way we manufacture products which pulled from the notion of reductionism; that basic forms might potentially outline how users function in the near future. The relation between each image is subjected to visual forms and basic shapes that draw out the "futurist" theme. Some images that I found made use of graphical noise while others had sleek surfaces that had little interruption. Some ranged in-between, making use of negative space and contrast. In terms of typography, the use of sans serif type compliments blocked shapes used in the composition.